Parking Surveys

TEAM has considerable experience and expertise in the planning, execution and reporting of simple and complex parking surveys.

Those undertaken in recent times include local and regional town centres, major shopping centres, and CBD car parks. The skills of our surveying technicians are often complemented by our video and ANPR resources to improve on the level of detail that can be easily captured.

In each case the objective and data requirements of the survey are discussed in detail with our clients so that the best possible outcome can be achieved, and the project benefit from our considerable experience.

With the surveying able to be tailored to provide a wide range of statistical information such as duration of stay, occupancy, turnover, and supply vs. demand performance parameters for each identified parking area, the results can easily report on compliance with parking controls or time limits, and the inappropriate use of accessible or permit-only parking spaces.

With the level of detail that can be provided allowing a fine-grained assessment of the area, the results also allow for a good understanding of the dynamics of the area and comparisons to be made of the utilisation of various areas.

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