is the link to the traffic surveying division of Traffic Engineering & Management Ltd (TEAM), an Auckland-based traffic engineering consultancy.

TEAMís traffic surveying expertise draws on the considerable experience and technology that has been developed from the Directorís 26+ years of experience.

In recent years the advancement in computational power has allowed TEAM to be at the forefront of leading-edge data collection technology, with this including a range of resources developed in-house.

The availability and deployment of this technology has allowed a greater level of sophistication and detail to be provided compared to traditional surveying methods, with the resulting quality being clearly evident in more complete and comprehensive data.

TEAMís collaborative approach to working with its clients also allows this technology to be tailored to the specific needs of a project, with the scalable architecture of the resources allowing us to meet the challenges of particularly large and demanding projects. Examples of this include the availability of more than 100 video cameras, purpose-designed elevated video, infra-red camera technology, sophisticated GPS tracking devices, and pedestrian tracking technology that provides comprehensive space-time reporting capabilities.

All traffic surveying activities are carried out in accordance with our stringent Health and Safety Plan, with additional site-specific requirements being imposed by Traffic Management Plans that are developed for, and approved by, the relevant Council before the work commences.

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